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Ti Jia Qian Jin (2023) Episode 30

Ti Jia Qian Jin (2023) Episode 30

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Other name: 替嫁千金 替嫁新娘 Ti Jia Xin Niang

Liu Jing Shu and Liu Jia of the Great General's Mansion are twin sisters. At that time, the twins were regarded as a bad omen, and younger sister Liu Jia hid her identity from a young age and was secretly raised in Fuzhong by General Liu under the name of Er Gou. Although the two look the same, their personalities are completely different - one sister is gentle and generous, the other is lively and naughty, and often pretends to be her twin to sneak out of the mansion and make trouble.
Everything takes another turn, when marquis Xiao Ren Yan is unwilling to accept the arranged marriage, and accidentally meets Liu Jia, who came to the kitchen to steal something to eat, at his engagement party. Getting to know the girl better, general decides to help her, when he discovers that she has to hide from the world all the time. To end it, he helps her train in martial arts, and soon the two go to war. They don't know, however, that this is the beginning of their new life, but also maybe something more?
Original Network: Youku,
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Released: 2023
Genre: Drama, Hidden Identity, Martial Arts, Romance, Web Series,